Training Workshops

Training Workshops – Open To All

Training workshops hosted by industry specialists offer a unique opportunity to learn and improve your skills during the event. Located in dedicated rooms on the exhibition floor, the workshops are open to all delegates, exhibition staff and visitors at no extra cost and will all be held multiple times throughout the event.

1. Welding and fabrication of stainless steels

    • Sponsored by Nickel Institute
    • Hosted by Dr Graham Sussex

This lecture explains the differences between welding carbon steel and the four families of stainless steels. It looks at the effects of welding on properties and corrosion resistance. Practical measures in design and execution are described for austenitic, ferritic and duplex stainless steels, including the selection of weld techniques, filler metals, gases and the post-weld inspection and clean-up to restore corrosion resistance. A final section deals with welding tubes and pipes.

2. Common defects when welding stainless steels and how to avoid them

    • Sponsored by Nickel Institute
    • Hosted by Dr Graham Sussex

    Austenitic grades are most common, so much of this presentation deals with them, including the effect and control of heat tint and other defects to ensure excellent results. It is richly illustrated with examples of issues and why they occurred. Welding of older and modern ferritics will also be considered, as well as the increasing use of duplex grades – both of which have specific requirements. Standard limitations to defect sizes are provided.

3. Stainless steel for the non-technical newcomer

    • Sponsored by the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association

    This workshop provides a basic understanding of the development, specification and use of stainless steel, including why they are stainless, sustainability and environmental aspects, and the role of nickel. It also explores the various stainless steel families, defines the different descriptions used for stainless steel, and explains grade variations, standards, EN numbers and corrosion resistant pitting resistance equivalent. Also included are surface finishes and explanations of bead blasting, patterning, electrochemical colouring, maintenance and cleaning. This is a truly all-round course for the stainless steel beginner.